Nowadays, cholesterol has become such a problem that everyone is facing it. Cholesterol is such a disease that once it occurs, it cannot be cured so easily.

Today I will talk about some such foods to cure cholesterol, include them in your diet from today itself and see, and you will see the difference in a week.

This is a very easy method and you will easily get all these foods anywhere, many of these foods would be kept in your house.

Which approach to lowering cholesterol should be used?

Today I will tell you about some such foods to eliminate cholesterol from its roots, by consuming these your cholesterol will be reduced day by day, so let us know.


A good amount of fibre is found in barley and fiber helps in reducing cholesterol.


Oats are available in everyone’s home these days. Do you know that oats are also considered a good food to reduce cholesterol?


Exercise is very important to reduce cholesterol, doctors have also proved that cholesterol can be reduced through exercise.

Kidney Beans(Ramja)

Kidney beans contain an abundant amount of fiber due to which it helps in reducing cholesterol.


Apple also contains fibre which helps in eliminating bad cholesterol from its roots.


If you eat non-veg then include fish in your foods, this can also reduce cholesterol.


Good fat is found in almonds which reduces bad cholesterol and stores good cholesterol.

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