Be it cold or summer, people eat curd in both seasons. Many types of dishes are made with the help of curd like Uttapam, Dosa, Idli and many other recipes. Apart from this, buttermilk is also made from it. People also use it as a dessert in the summer season, because eating it improves digestion and also keeps the hair and skin glowing.

Curd is considered very beneficial for our health because it is rich in protein, but if we eat this curd with these things then it can prove to be very harmful for our body.

Therefore, one special thing related to curd that I am telling you today is what things we should not eat with curd or after curd.

If I tell you, you will be shocked because most people use curd with those things which they should not eat.

I am going to tell you further in the post, just read this post till the end and take special care of these things from today itself. Then, you will see many benefits.


Curd should never be eaten with mango because it can cause food poisoning and can also cause skin allergies.


Almost everyone uses curd with Paratha-Puri, but this combination is very bad because curd should never be eaten with fried things.


One should not eat onion immediately after eating curd because it may cause problems like stomach ache, vomiting or swelling in the stomach.


Curd should not be eaten with fish as it can lead to stomach-related problems and this increases the chances of bloating and acidity.

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