Most of the people like Indian sweets. Today I am going to tell you about some Indian sweets which come in everyone’s house and everyone eats them with great enthusiasm, but still many people do not know which sweets. How many calories are in it?

Today I am going to tell you about some such sweets, which sweets contain how many calories.

The first one is:

Gulab Jamun.

Hearing the name of Gulab Jamun, your mouth would be watering because Gulab Jamun is a sweet which is liked by everyone. Do you know how many calories are in it? It also has 100 to 200 calories.


Jalebi is often served with samosas in homes for evening breakfast, but it also contains around 150 to 200 calories.


Compared to other sweets, Rasgulla has less calories. One piece of Rasgulla contains only about 100 to 150 calories.


Everyone likes Rasmalai. Hearing the name of Rasmalai, everyone feels like eating it, but it is a very high calorie sweet, which contains 200 to 250 calories.


If there is any festival, Malpua is definitely made at home, especially during Holi, Malpua is made in everyone’s house. Do you know that one Malpua contains 250 calories.

Cashew slice

Kaju Katli is a very famous sweet due to its taste and it also contains 150 calories.


Peda is one of the most delicious sweets of India. One piece of Peda contains approximately 100 to 150 calories.


It is considered the king of sweets but it also contains calories, one piece of it contains approximately 200 calories.

Semolina pudding

Everyone likes semolina halwa, from children to adults, but the amount of calories in it is very high, usually halwa contains 200 to 300 calories.


I like Kalakand but be careful before eating it because one piece of it also contains about 150 to 200 calories.

I have told you about all the sweets as per my knowledge, rest you must consult experts for specific information.

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