When high cholesterol does not reduce then definitely adopt this method once.

If you are troubled by high cholesterol then follow all these tips. I am not sure that your cholesterol will be reduced completely.

To reduce cholesterol, today I will tell you about some things which you will have to follow.

If you follow this, your cholesterol will reduce, but it can also be cured to some extent.

If any of you are very worried about cholesterol, then please adopt this method once and do tell us in the comment box whether you felt any difference?

Why are you getting high cholesterol?

Nowadays, due to poor eating habits and changing lifestyles, the risk of high cholesterol is increasing in most people.

Heart disease

A person who has been suffering from high cholesterol for a long time can also suffer a heart attack and the risk of heart attack also increases significantly.

change your routine

To reduce high cholesterol, you will have to change your habits. Today I will tell you how.

Healthy diet

Improving your diet will help you a lot in controlling cholesterol.

Quit smoking

Smoking increases heart disease, and to control high cholesterol, you will first have to quit smoking.


Alcohol is considered harmful for everyone, even for those who already have cholesterol problems, this alcohol is no less than poison, hence those people should always keep their distance from alcohol.


To control high cholesterol, one must exercise for at least 30 to 45 minutes every day.

Drink plenty of water

The easiest way to control cholesterol is to double the quantity of water.

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