The kitchen is considered an important place inside the house. We all always keep in mind what to do and what not to do in the kitchen.

In such a situation, today I will tell you about some things which will be very helpful for you.

Today I will tell you about those 5 things which you should not keep in the kitchen even by mistake, doing so disturbs both physical and mental balance.

Then what are you waiting for, take care of all these things from today onwards and be happy with your family.

What should you not keep in the kitchen, let me tell you in the next post.

Come read the post and follow these tips.


A temple should not be placed inside the kitchen, doing so can spoil the work being done.


Broken utensils or plates and glasses should not be kept in the kitchen even by mistake. Any bad junk should never be stored in the kitchen.


Many people have a habit of mixing the dough and keeping it in the fridge. The dough kneaded overnight should never be kept in the fridge. Millions of types of bacteria grow in the kneaded flour overnight, which is harmful to health. According to Vaastu, this is considered very wrong and Saturn and Rahu also have negative effects on the house. Due to this one may have to face many types of problems.


According to Vastu, there should not be a mirror in the kitchen. It is said that due to the presence of a stove in the kitchen, it is considered to be the main centre of fire, due to which its reflection can be very harmful to health.


Many people have the habit of keeping things here and there instead of keeping them in the right place. Many people keep the medicine in the kitchen after giving it to their children. Do you know that this is a big mistake? Due to this, negativity starts building up in the house, hence Medicines should never be kept in the kitchen, this does not reduce diseases but increases them.


There should always be a box of salt in the kitchen. This salt should be changed from time to time. It is said that salt removes negative energy from the house and increases positive energy.


Many people keep unused items aside in the kitchen, which is very wrong. Due to this Annapurna Mata becomes very angry.

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