Clove is a spice which is used not only in food but also in treating diseases and in the materials of worship.

In such a situation, people need to know the identity of cloves because nowadays the demand for cloves has increased a lot in the market due to which cloves are also being adulterated.

Today I will tell you the easiest way to identify cloves, in this way, you will be able to easily identify real and fake ones.

To identify cloves, first put four to five cloves in a glass of water.

After doing this, if the clove settles down, then understand that the clove is pure, that is, this clove is real.

But if your clove starts floating in water then it means that the clove is fake.

Therefore, whenever you bring cloves from the market, first of all, check whether the clove is real or fake by following these tips.

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