Coriander leaves are very beneficial not only for the taste of our food but also for our body.

Often people use coriander leaves in making salads, vegetables and chutneys just to enhance the taste of their food, but they do not know that they are getting so many benefits by eating coriander leaves.

So, today I want to tell those people through this post that coriander leaves not only enhance the taste of your food but also increase your ability to fight many diseases. Therefore, if you have it, use coriander leaves in your food every day.

Green fresh coriander leaves help us in curing even the smallest and biggest diseases.

People often have to suffer from many diseases during the winter season. Like cold and cough etc., now do not worry, today in this post I will tell you step by step in which diseases how to use coriander leaves. Because I have tried all the steps that I have told you and I feel very good. Many benefits have been seen.

That’s why I want to tell you this thing. Now, if any of you have any problem, then follow this at your convenience, wait for a few days, and then tell me how you feel. I am sure you will also see all these benefits.

  • Coriander leaves help in maintaining healthy digestion. Drinking fresh coriander leaves mixed with buttermilk provides relief from indigestion. Its consumption also helps in getting rid of gas problems.
  • Often drinking less water increases the problems of urination (burning sensation) in women. In such a situation, if you are consuming more coriander leaves then you will never have to fight with this problem. You can use whatever you like like coriander leaves, chutney, salad etc.
  • The main source of vitamins A and C is found in coriander leaves. In such a situation, it strengthens the immunity of your body. Its regular consumption also provides relief from cough and cold in winter.
  • In winter, due to excessive consumption of food, many people get diarrhea or in other words, the problems of diarrhea increase. In such a situation, coriander chutney or its salad helps in providing relief to the stomach.
  •  The elements present in coriander leaves also help a lot in reducing cholesterol disease in the body. If someone is suffering from high cholesterol then he should boil coriander seeds and drink that water.
  • Coriander leaves are also very beneficial for diabetic patients, it regulate the amount of insulin in the blood.
  • If you ever feel a burning sensation in your feet and hands and cannot find coriander leaves, then in this situation you can soak coriander seeds, grind them, mix them in water, filter and drink this water, this will make you feel a lot of difference. |
  • Coriander leaves remove the period-related problems of women. If the period is more than normal then add about 6-7 grams of coriander seeds in half liter of water and grind it. Drinking this water with a little sugar added will solve the period problem.
  • If your weight is increasing day by day then use coriander seeds. The way to use coriander is to boil 3 tablespoons of coriander seeds in a glass of water. When the water is reduced to half, filter it and Take this water twice a day and within a few days you will see a difference in your weight.
  • Many people suddenly start bleeding from the nose, so coriander leaves will be very beneficial for them too, you can grind about 20 grams of green fresh coriander by mixing it with a pinch of camphor and filtering this juice. By dripping two drops of juice into the holes on both sides of the nose and applying the juice on the forehead and rubbing it lightly, the problem of bleeding from the nose stops.

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