With the arrival of the summer season, mangoes are available in the market and different varieties of mangoes are seen in every market.

Apart from being rich in taste, mango is also very beneficial for health.

Many people’s mouth starts watering as soon as they hear the name of aamras. In summer, as soon as mangoes appear in the market, they start remembering the delicious aamras.

Mango is a fruit which is rich in taste and is also very beneficial for health.

People make many types of dishes from mango, both ripe mango and raw mango, although traditionally mango juice is also very much liked.

Today I am going to tell you the easiest way to make mango juice. By adopting this method, you too can prepare mango juice quickly.

The easiest and most indigenous way to make mango juice.


1. Mango

2. Sugar

3. Saffron

4. Milk


  • Now to make mango juice, first wash the mangoes thoroughly.
  • After that, we will use cold milk to make mango juice.
  • Now peel the mango take out the pulp thoroughly and squeeze it.
  • Now in a blender, mix mango (mango pulp which we had taken out earlier), milk, saffron and sugar and blend it well.
  • Our mango juice is ready, let it cool and serve.

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