If you want to become fat, then include all these things in your diet, which I will tell you further in this post today, by consuming all these things, your weight will increase 100%.

Today I will tell you only about those foods which are rich in protein and help in weight gain. So let’s see.

Fox Nut

Eating Makhana makes you fat, hence include Makhana in your diet.


Banana is also a very good source for becoming fat. By consuming it, a person can also become fat. Many nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium and magnesium are found in it.


If you drink milk with raisins, then the fat in the body will increase and this milk will also be very beneficial for health because it also contains all the nutrients like iron, calcium and magnesium, which helps the body to become fat quickly. is


The egg is considered to be the best superfood for weight gain. You can eat two to three eggs every day for breakfast. You will gain weight easily.


Soybean is also known as a protein food. Apart from protein, many nutrients are found in it which helps in making the body fat.

dry fruit

If you want to gain weight as soon as possible, then you can include dry fruits in your diet from today itself because it is a very good way to gain weight.

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