With this secret method, you can easily prepare puffed rice at home and serve it to everyone.


Many people like to eat rice and include it in their diet.

Sticky rice

Sometimes rice becomes sticky while preparing which does not taste good at all. 

Make puffed rice like this

Everyone likes puffed rice, but many people are unable to make puffed rice. To those people, today I will give easy tips to make puffed rice.

The correct amount of water

It is very important to always add the right amount of water to make rice. If the amount of water is too much, the rice becomes sticky.

Less water

Adding less water to rice makes the rice remain raw, hence avoid using more or less water.

One and a half times the water

Before cooking rice, soak it in water for half an hour. After that cook it with one and a half times the water


While keeping rice on the gas, adding a few drops of lemon in water prevents the rice from sticking together.


Reasons for cooking rice on slow or medium flame: Cook it on high flame and after one whistle, reduce the flame.

Cooker rice

Rice is cooked very quickly in a cooker, so if possible, make rice in the cooker itself, cook the rice till 2 whistles and then turn off the gas.

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