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Fritters, Sides

Cotton Soft Paneer Pakoda Recipe

Paneer pakodas are liked by everyone very much, but the right recipe to make/cook it is not known to many. Don’t worry, it is indeed very easy to learn how to make deliciously crispy paneer pakoda. The best part is that it does not take much time. And ones the […]

ghee rice pulao
Main Course, Pulao

Ghee Rice Pulao Recipe

Ghee Rice is a delicious and rich dish, which is one of the famous dishes of Kerala. You can cook it anytime on any special occasion or even generally at home. You can cook and serve it on the days of festivals. As the name suggests, a fairly ample amount […]


An Easy Recipe For Raw Mango Chutney

You must have tasted some chutney or the other, but you would agree that if the chutney is of raw mango, taste goes to completely different level. It goes without saying that Chutney enhances the taste of even boring food. Mango chutney made in the summer season is very tasty […]

French Fries Recipe in Hindi
Appetizers, Snacks

French Fries Recipe

It goes without saying that we can make many types of snacks from potatoes, however the most liked snack among them all is considered to be French Fries. Agree? Well, that’s right in at least in the context of big cities and town, not villages. Today a reasonably big percentage […]

baingan ki chutney

Brinjal Chutney Recipe

Brinjal (baingan) chutney is a very delicious and spicy chutney. The taste of this chutney is completely different from any other chutney you might already have tasted by now. Although brinjal chutney is made in many ways, today I am going to share with you the easiest way to make […]

maida puri
Main Course, Sides

How to make puffy maida puri

Puri is one of the famous dishes of North India. When we have any festival or function here, then we definitely make poori, don’t we? It is not necessary that we make poori in wheat flour only. In the recipe I am telling you today how to make puffy poori […]

mango milk shake
Beverage, Drinks

The right way to make Mango Milkshake

Needless to say that mango is the king of fruits. But this reason alone is not enough. Mango is liked by almost everyone. Me too, and almost everyone in my family loves it. But especially in the summer months when a liquid diet is so important, mango shakes are something […]