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An Easy Recipe for Delicious Jackfruit Pickles

You must have eaten mango pickle a lot, but have you ever tasted jackfruit’s pickle? If not, then believe me, jackfruit pickle makes even tasteless foods delicious. And the most important thing is that it is very easy to make it. Yes, it takes a little time and attention. Let us learn to make it in a very easy way.

Jackfruit Pickle Recipe

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Today we will learn the method of making jackfruit pickle. It is really easy to make jackfruit pickle. It will take us one hour in total to make it. So, let’s start.


  • 4 kg Jackfruits

  • 2 kg Raw (unripe) Mango

  • 1 cup crushed red chilli

  • 1/2 cup coriander powder

  • Salt to taste

  • 250 grams Panchphoran crushed

  • 5 kg mustard oil


  • First of all, wear mustard oil or foil, gloves in both your hands, after that touch the jackfruit, cut it so that its juice does not get in the hands because there is a problem in cutting the juice, after that all the jackfruit peel comes out. Cut it into small pieces, then put it in a tub and wash it with clean water 3-4 times. Then spread it on a thin cotton cloth in the sun for 3-4 hours and leave it.
  • After that, peel the mango in the same way and put it with jackfruit in the sun, when the water from the mango and jackfruit dries up, then cut that mango into small pieces, or grate it and in which you can pickle. Put mango in it.
  • Take a pan, put 3 kg of oil in it and put it on the gas, and when the oil becomes hot, not too hot, it becomes normal, then put all the jackfruit pieces in it comfortably and slow down the flame.
  • Cook the jackfruit until they become slightly red, but keep one thing in mind, the pieces of jackfruit are only red and not too hard, so we have to cook on low flame. Keep turning the pieces of jackfruit in between and cook it well from both the sides, while turning, cover it with the help of a lid in between, by doing this the jackfruit will be ready quickly.
  • After that take out a piece and do the medicine with your fingers, if it is done then it will be mess, otherwise it will take a little more time, although it takes 30 minutes to make it.
  • After that, turn off the gas and leave it to cool down, keep it under a fan, if you have time, then when it cools down completely, put it in the same mango vessel, after that Add spices and salt to it, mix mango, jackfruit, masala and salt all these things well with each other, and dry it in the sun for 2-4 days later in it. Put the raw mustard oil mixed in a jar and dry it in good sunlight for 10 days from work, and then serve it by taking it out in a plate with the help of a spoon.


  • Remember, never take out the pickle with your bare hands or fingers, otherwise it will spoil very quickly. Use a spoon always.

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