Today I will tell you about acidity, why does the acidity problem occur? Well, there can be many reasons for acidity.

But among them these 9 reasons are very important, due to these 9 reasons you will have a gas problem.

Let us know about those 9 reasons:-

This is caused by consuming too much oil or by eating things containing flour.

Consuming less water than our body requires also causes gas problems.

Many times these problems increase due to eating too much fiber food items.

One should not eat sour things on an empty stomach even by mistake because eating sour things increases the problem of acidity.

These problems can also occur due to a poor digestive system.

This also happens due to sleeping immediately after eating food.

Many times acidity occurs due to eating too much food.

Excessive consumption of alcohol increases acidity problems.

The biggest enemy of acidity is tea or coffee. Consuming them causes acidity problems.

Due to all these reasons gas is formed in the stomach. Acidity problems increase due to these 9 things.

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