According to the Hindu religion, people give great importance to the months of Sawan, in this month all the women observe fast and worship Lord Shiva.

It is said that Lord Shiva fulfils all the wishes of the one who observes fast on Monday with a true heart during Sawan.

Therefore, during this fast, do not include these things in your diet even by mistake, which I am going to tell you in the next post.

Do not use these 5 to 6 things even by mistake during the month of Sawan.

In the month of Sawan, along with worship, special care has to be taken about eating and drinking. In this month, special care has to be taken regarding eating and drinking.

don’t eat these things

The things that I will tell you today in the post below should not be included in your diet at all in the month of Sawan.


Eating cold curd in the month of Sawan increases throat problems like cold and cough, hence curd should not be consumed even by mistake.


According to Ayurveda, milk should not be consumed in the month of Sawan as it increases stomach problems.

green leafy vegetable

In the month of Sawan, one should not consume leafy green vegetables like spinach, radish, and greens because due to rains, insects get infested in them.


Brinjal should not be eaten even by mistake in the month of Sawan because there is a lot of rain in this month due to which insects often get infested in the brinjal.

Onion garlic

According to Ayurveda, onion and garlic are considered tamasic food. One should be careful with tamasic food during the rainy season.

Fried foods

You should not consume too many fried foods in the month of Sawan because the immune system becomes weak during the rains. In such a situation, if you eat fried food, your stomach may get upset.


One should not eat non-vegetarian food at all during the month of Sawan because eating non-vegetarian food during the rainy season increases the risk of diseases.

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