People eat brinjal vegetables and bharta with great enthusiasm and it is also beneficial for health.

People prepare brinjal curry in different ways, with onion and without onion.

Before making brinjal vegetables, most people face the same problem whenever they buy brinjal from the market, sometimes insects come out of the brinjal.

Because of this many people do not feel like eating brinjal again, but today I am going to tell you some easy tips to identify those insects.

Now whenever you buy brinjal from the market, take special care of these things and then see that not a single worm or seed will come out of your brinjal.

Brinjal colour

If the colour of the brinjal is light (pale), then understand that it is stale brinjal. Because if the brinjal is fresh then its color will be dark and shiny and there will be less or no seeds in it.

To have a hole

While buying brinjal, special attention should be paid to the fact that brinjal which has holes in it should never be bought because this brinjal is especially full of insects and most of the brinjals are like this.

Check dental

If the dent of brinjal is green in color then it is a sign of fresh brinjal. Look carefully around the dent and check that there are no worm-like holes in them.

Weight of brinjal

If the weight of a small brinjal seems heavy then do not buy it at all because it will have hard seeds in it, always choose light brinjal and buy it.

Wet with water

If there is too much water in the brinjal, then such brinjal should never be bought to store in the fridge because if you store that brinjal then it will melt in the fridge.

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