Why does eye flu occur? Its symptoms and easy home remedies to avoid this infection.Why does eye flu happen?

Eye flu is also known as conjunctivitis or pink eye. Generally, many people also call it conjunctivitis.

Eye flu spreads more due to dirt, waterlogging or rain. This disease spreads through infection, so they spread easily to each other.


Itching in the eyes, conjunctivitis, pink or pinkish appearance of the eyes.

In eye flu, water comes out from the eyes, and the eyes become red or the eyes become swollen.

If a person who has eye flu comes in contact with water coming out of his eyes, the chances of another person also getting eye flu increase.

So today I will tell you some home remedies to avoid eye flu.


Anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties are found in turmeric which reduces eye infections.


Anti-bacterial properties are found in honey, this will relieve the irritation in your eyes.


Antibacterial properties are found in basil, so boil basil leaves in water, cool it and then wash your eyes with this water, this will give you a lot of relief.

Rose water

Rose water has antiseptic properties, hence washing the eyes repeatedly with rose water helps in reducing this problem.

Infection can be prevented.


Potato has a cooling effect. Keeping potato slices on your eyes for 10 minutes provides a lot of relief.

Fomentation with hot or cold things

To get relief from eye flu, compressing the eyes with hot or cold things provides great relief. Soak a cloth in hot water and then compress the eyes after draining the water. Or by wrapping ice in the same cloth and placing it over the eyes, it provides relief to a great extent. Gets rest.

Carrot and Spinach Juice

If you have eye flu, then consume carrot and spinach juice regularly, this will also give you a lot of relief.

Eye makeup

Do not do eye make-up at all after getting eye flu because if you do eye make-up then the infection will start increasing and sometimes the risk of it coming back also increases.

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