To get rid of acidity (gas), try this home remedy once.

If you also often have vomiting, sour belching or indigestion after eating food, then these symptoms can be acidity, which can be easily removed by adopting some home remedies at home.

Today I am going to tell you how to eliminate acidity with homemade spices. Come, read these posts till the end and try these home remedies to get rid of your acidity forever.

Mint leaves

If you are troubled by acidity, then chew mint leaves daily, it eliminates complaints like acidity, indigestion or sour belching.

Eat banana

Many people still think that one should not eat bananas in case of acidity, but eating bananas not only relieves acidity but also the burning sensation in the stomach. If you have a problem with acidity for a long time, then you must consume bananas in cold milk. This will help you a lot


Celery is a panacea for acidity. Consuming celery eliminates the problems of acidity and flatulence. Along with acidity, it also helps in digesting food.


If you eat papaya every morning, it will eliminate acidity from its roots because papaya contains enzymes which help in reducing the problems of acidity for a long time.

Consumption of buttermilk

Lactic acid is present in buttermilk which helps in maintaining better digestion. Drinking buttermilk not only calms the heat in the stomach but also eliminates the problem of gas. Drinking buttermilk mixed with black pepper powder makes it tasty and also reduces problems like gas and acidity.

Fennel water

If you have been facing acidity problems for a long time, then drink fennel water to get rid of it. To prepare fennel water, put one spoon of fennel in a glass and keep it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. After that, when the water becomes completely cool, then drink it. This will also provide great relief in acidity.

Drinking cold milk

To get relief from acidity, you should consume cold milk rather than hot milk, this will give you immediate relief from acidity.

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