You may not have seen or heard of an easier method than this to cure cholesterol, it is a very helpful and easy method.

Adopt it once and tell us whether it proved beneficial for you or not?

The easiest way to eliminate high cholesterol from its roots is to use turmeric, I will tell you how and when in the next post.

Cholesterol gets eliminated from the roots by the use of turmeric. Turmeric water removes the dirty cholesterol stuck in the veins.

Now it comes to how to make turmeric water and what ingredients will be required in it. Let us see.


  • Turmeric – 2 pinches
  • Black salt – ¼ tsp
  • Water – 1 glass
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Method to make it

To make turmeric water, first take a vessel, add two pinches of turmeric in a cup of water, boil it, then filter it, now add a little black salt on top.

Lemon juice

To make it even more tasty, you can use lemon juice in it and use of lemon is also beneficial, if you have lemon then you must include it.

Turmeric water is not only a detox for cholesterol but also for our body, due to which our body always remains healthy.

Drink this water every morning and you will see a lot of difference in yourself.

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