Many people might be wondering what to do if there is too much salt in vegetables. would that be OK? How to fix it? If such types of questions come to your mind, then now you do not need to panic, today through this post I would like to tell you that if there is too much salt in your vegetables, then you can help yourself with these easy tips of mine. Vegetable salt can cure.

Many times, when we run out of salt, we bring salt of other quality into the house. In such a situation, we do not realize the taste of the salt. There is a lot of difference in the taste of the salt of many companies. Even adding some salt to the vegetables does not taste good. If salt is less then some salt is too much even on one spoon, it all depends on the quality of the salt. Now if this ever happens to you too, then by reading these easy tips, you can now balance the salt in your vegetables. Can

Whatever you cook, if salt is not added properly, the vegetable does not taste good because unless the salt and chilli are balanced, the vegetable does not taste good. Therefore, first of all, you need to know how to correct the salt and chilli by mistake in your vegetable. Before this, I have told you how to balance the chilli. Today I will tell you how to correct the salt. I am going to tell you about what to do.

You read both these posts carefully adopt them prepare delicious vegetables and enjoy them with your family, and do tell us in the comment box how you liked these tips of mine.

If the salt becomes strong in the soup or vegetable, then peel one or two potatoes add them according to the quantity of the vegetable and take them out before serving, by doing this the potato absorbs most of the salt of the vegetable, thus reducing the salt in the vegetable. It also goes well and there is no difference in its taste.

If there is too much salt in the gravy vegetable, then by adding a ball of flour, its hardness gets absorbed into the flour, which reduces the salt of the vegetable, but before serving, take out the ball.

To adjust the salt in the vegetable, adding one or two spoons of curd after beating also reduces the salt of the vegetable.

If there is too much salt in your vegetable curry, then add boiled potatoes to it, this also reduces the salt of the vegetable.

If you are serving food and you realize that the salt in your vegetable is strong, then immediately add a piece of bread and after 2 minutes, take it out gently before serving, this also keeps the salt balance of the vegetable. is.

If the salt in Chinese fast food has become strong then adding lemon juice also reduces the salt and its taste also remains the same.

If there is too much salt in the dry vegetable, then adding some roasted gram flour to it reduces the salt and the taste of the vegetable also doubles.

I am going to tell you one last solution, if there is too much salt in the biryani then you can correct it with coal. Although many people consider coal as a useless thing, but whenever the salt in the biryani becomes too strong, then It can be cured with coal. You can balance the salt of biryani by placing 3-4 pieces of coal in the middle of the rice and two-three pieces on top of the rice because coal absorbs extra moisture due to which the salt of biryani gets balanced. |

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