11 best kitchen tips which are very important for all of you to know, knowing which will make your work easier. Because after knowing these, the taste of the food prepared by you will not only increase but your work will also become easier. You will be able to do everything on time in very little time.

1. Friends, you must have noticed many times that while working in a hurry, utensils get stuck together. It takes a lot of time to get out. There is a very simple way to get it out. Apply some oil on the stuck utensil and keep it aside for half an hour, after that rotate it gently. Will pass.

2. Friends, you will find many items in the kitchen which are prone to rust. If you have a knife or some other thing in your kitchen which is rusted, then cut an onion and rub it to remove the rust. The rust will come off.

3. If you want to add onion to the gravy vegetable, then fry the onion a little, grind it and then add it, this makes the taste of the vegetable very tasty.

4. You must have seen many times that the salad is never finished, in such a situation, grind the remaining salad and make a puree knead it in flour and make roti, this will make the roti delicious.

5. While making upma, adding about ¼ cup of curd in one cup of semolina and water makes the upma tasty.

6. Friends, whenever you mop the house, add a little salt to the water used to mop the house, this will keep your floor free from grime.

7. Friends, many times we get troubled by the presence of too many ants in the house. In such a situation, you do not do anything, just apply a little laundry soap and all the ants will run away.

8. To make poha bloom, after washing the poha, leave it in water for some time, after filtering the water, take it out on a plate and spread it for some time and add a little lemon juice to it, this will make the poha bloom. Will become

9. Everyone must be making kheer. Have you ever made Kheer which seemed thin to you after making it? Many times this happens. There is a very easy way to make this kheer thick and thin. Add a little roasted semolina to it. This will keep the taste intact and will also become thick.

10. While making gram flour laddus, after the gram flour is cooked, sprinkle some water and cook for 5 minutes, this will make the gram flour swell and the laddus will become grainy.

11. Keeping bay leaves in the flour box removes moisture from the flour and prevents it from spoiling quickly, hence keep one or two bay leaves in the flour box

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