Nowadays, thyroid problems are increasing very rapidly in women and men.

Everyone is having thyroid problems. This is a disease in which sudden increase and loss of weight troubles people.

In this case, people get tired after undergoing many types of treatments but there is no sign of reduction in thyroid. In such a situation, there is only one treatment to eliminate thyroid from its root, home remedy, definitely adopt it, you will start seeing the difference in a few days. |

Especially in pregnant women, the presence of thyroid disease during pregnancy creates problems for both the child and the child. Due to this, there are chances of miscarriage. If women have thyroid during pregnancy, then the child can also have problems with thyroid hormone. Hormone deficiency can also cause brain problems in children.

At that time, these home remedies will be very useful for you because, during pregnancy, even doctors ask to use home remedies more than medicines. If any of you have this problem, then try all these methods once and you will see a lot of difference.


Ginger is an Ayurvedic medicine which has proved to be very beneficial for the thyroid because potassium and magnesium is present in ginger which helps us get rid of thyroid problems.


Mulethi is also very beneficial for thyroid patients because the elements present in liquorice balance the thyroid gland and convert fatigue into energy due to which we feel less tired. Apart from this, chewing liquorice also prevents the growth of cancer in the thyroid. |

Consumption of milk and curd

The calcium, minerals and vitamins present in milk and curd help in keeping men and women suffering from thyroid health, hence every person suffering from thyroid should consume milk and curd as much as possible.

Wheat and millet

Wheat and millet are a better and simpler solution to the problem of thyroid in Ayurveda, apart from this it also prevents problems caused by blood pressure.

Bottle gourd

To get rid of thyroid problems, definitely drink a glass of bottled gourd juice in the morning on an empty stomach. After that, taking one to two drops of basil juice mixed with some aloe vera in freshwater can also reduce thyroid to a great extent. goes.

Whole grains

In earlier times, people who consumed whole grains like pasta, bread, etc. never had any problems like thyroid. In those days, people did not even know that the thyroid was a problem because whole grains contain fibre, protein and Vitamin found in abundance which prevents the thyroid from growing.

Vitamin A

Thyroid patients should eat more Vitamin A-rich foods because Vitamin E-rich foods gradually destroy the thyroid.

Vitamin A items like carrots, green leafy vegetables etc.

Black pepper

Black pepper also has a big role in curing thyroid. If you are consuming black pepper along with any other thing in your diet, then you will get relief from thyroid diseases very quickly.


Drinking juice is beneficial for the body. Everyone should drink juice, but thyroid patients must drink one glass of seasonal fruit juice daily.

Green coriander

Green coriander can also be used to cure thyroid. Grind fresh green coriander and make its chutney and take it daily in your diet or with a glass of water. Doing this also reduces thyroid problems.


Eggs are good to eat and egg also keeps the thyroid under control.

Iodine-containing substances

Just a few days ago, it was discovered that the element present in iodine helps in improving the functioning of thyroid glands, which is why thyroid patients should consume iodine-containing substances as much as possible.

Warm the throat with hot or cold

In case of thyroid problems, make sure to warm the throat with cold or hot water. To warm the throat, take cold water in a vessel and hot water in a bottle. Once you warm the throat with hot water for 3 to 4 minutes and then dip a towel in cold water and dance. Give and bake with it. Adopt this remedy at least twice a day, it will give you a lot of relief.

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