The kitchen is considered to be the most important place in the house. If the kitchen is not good then one does not even feel like cooking.

Keeping the kitchen always clean is also considered good according to Vastu. How to clean the kitchen in such a situation? Which items to keep and how? Which things have to be cleaned by adding which things? Let me tell you through this post.

Just read these posts till the end and by adopting these tips, your kitchen will always look clean and shining.

To stay healthy and fit, it is very important to have a clean kitchen in life. Let us know how to clean and tidy up a messy kitchen.

 Use separate cabinets for spice containers, plates, and cups.

 Clean the wall behind a gas or stove surface with marble daily immediately after cooking.

 After cleaning the utensils, immediately remove the stuck waste from the sink.

 Once a week, clean the sink with vinegar and baking soda mixed with hot water.

Keep the items you are not using away from the kitchen because the items in the kitchen get spoiled quickly.

Clean the kitchen cabinet with liquid once a week.

Clean the gas stove regularly immediately after cooking.

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