Many people say that mangoes should not be eaten during pregnancy, but why? I say that one should eat mango during pregnancy because mango is a seasonal fruit. If we eat mango in season or eat any seasonal fruit in season, then it is not harmful to our bodies but beneficial.

It is often seen in women that their iron decreases during pregnancy. Mangoes also help in increasing iron, hence pregnant women should eat mangoes.

Mango is beneficial for many other diseases related to this, let me tell you in complete detail today.

Mango is liked the most among Indian fruits. Mango is called the king of fruits because it is not only delicious but is also very beneficial for our bodies.

A large amount of vitamins and minerals are found in it, which helps in keeping our body healthy by preventing many dangerous diseases.

Benefits of eating mango

Fiber, vitamins and proteins are found in abundance in mango which helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

By eating mango, our digestive system remains healthy and problems like constipation go away.

The antioxidants present in mango fruits protect us from cancer, hence all of you should eat mangoes.

Vitamin E is found in mango which helps in promoting libido by balancing sex hormones.

If you say, mango also works as a cleaner because eating mango cures acne on the skin.

Mango also helps in increasing weight. If you want your weight to increase quickly then eat mango daily, your weight will increase.

Iron is found in abundance in mango, which is beneficial to a great extent for pregnant women and people suffering from anaemia.

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