These two utensils should never be kept upside down in the kitchen, even by mistake, it leads to loss of money.

According to Vastu Shastra, if any house has a lot of importance after the puja house, then it is called a kitchen house. Many special rules related to the kitchen are adopted for happiness and prosperity in the house.

In such a situation, if you keep these two utensils upside down, then the blessings will go away from your house and the blessings in your house will stop, so whenever you finish the work, check carefully whether these two utensils are upside down in your house. Let me tell you about that vessel.


 According to Vaastu, the items kept in the kitchen where you make roti should never be kept upside down. It is said that if you keep it upside down, all the blessings go away.


Often people clean the pan after cooking and keep it upside down, while they do not know that keeping the pan upside down is a very wrong thing. Keeping the pan upside down brings negative energy in the house.

That’s why if you are also making such a mistake, then start trying to correct it from today itself, this will help you see a lot of difference in your house.

Gas cooker

After cooking, you should never leave the pan or pan on the gas, as soon as your food is ready, remove it from the gas.

Hot pan

Hot pans and pans should not be immediately put into the wash basin and water should be run. This also destroys the peace of the house.

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