Many times, by mistake while cooking, chillies become too hot due to which the taste of the food gets spoiled. No matter how good the food is, if there is no balance between salt and pepper in it then it is not enjoyable to eat, the mind gets disturbed, at that time only one question arises in the mind how to reduce the spiciness of the vegetable.

Now, if any such problem ever happens to you in future, the food is very tasty but due to chillies, the taste of the entire food gets spoiled, then do not worry at all.

Today I have brought very easy and effective tips for you, all these tips are very good because I have tried all the tips and liked them very much, so I am sharing all these tips with you Not only do we hope but we are sure that you will also like all these tips.

By the way, which tips have you used and what results have you got, do tell me in the comment box.

If the chillies in the dry vegetable become spicy, then the best solution for this is to increase the main ingredients in the vegetables. For example, if the chillies in the cabbage-potato vegetable become spicy, then cut or boil 1-2 potatoes separately and add them to it. Chilli is reduced.

If you like ghee then you can also use ghee in vegetables. Ghee can also reduce the sharpness of vegetables and ghee also increases the taste of vegetables.

If the amount of chilli in the vegetable is strong but not too much, then you can also use curd or flaxseed while eating, because with it the taste of eating spicy vegetables increases.

In a gravy vegetable, you can increase its spiciness by grinding dry fruits and mixing them in the gravy, but whenever you make a vegetable without gravy or fry, i.e. you make a dry vegetable, then the dry fruits are mixed in it by grinding it without water. Adding it also reduces the spiciness of the vegetable.

Fresh cream or cream is slightly sweet, and if you are using cream or fresh cream in any spicy vegetable, then it will reduce the spiciness. You have to beat the fresh cream or cream and mix it in the vegetable.

By making tomato puree, you can easily reduce chillies in gravy vegetables or dal.

If the vegetable is not a gravy one and is completely dry, then to reduce the chilli, you can reduce the spiciness of the vegetable by adding three to four spoons of roasted gram flour or two to three spoons of gram flour to it. And this will also make the taste better.

Be it a dry vegetable or a vegetable with gravy, its spiciness can be reduced by adding lemon juice to it.

If there is excess of both chilli and salt in the vegetables, then the best solution to reduce it is to add coconut milk to it and the sharpness of the dry vegetable gets reduced by grating the coconut.

You can also use curd to reduce the spiciness of the vegetable. Mixing two or three spoons of curd and adding it to the vegetable also reduces the spiciness.

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