Everyone likes to eat mangoes but not everyone knows how to buy mangoes.

While buying mango, many people are confused about whether it will be sweet or sour because all the mangoes sold in the market call it sweet, in such a situation we must want sour and sweet mangoes.

Today I am going to tell you the difference between them, initially, even I did not know which one was sweeter but when I brought mangoes again and again and tried them, then I recognized the difference between both of them. I have been able to understand the difference between.

Not much but yes around 90%, now I know that sweet mango is like this and sour mango is like this.

I just want to tell you the same thing, read this post till the end and follow it, I think this post will help you in identifying the mango.

First of all, the aroma coming from sweet mango is completely different. By smelling the mango, it can be ascertained whether the mango is sweet or not. If the aroma of mango is sweet then it means that the mango is sweet.

If water comes out from the mango when you press it a little, then it indicates that the mango is not sweet.

If the lower peel of the mango is dark black or curved inside, then it means that the mango is not sweet at all.

If the root part of the mango is sunken inwards and the surrounding part is outwards, then understand that the mango is very sweet.

Note :

So now find out the difference between sweet and sour mangoes with these easy tips and do tell us in the comment box whether these tips of mine helped you or not.

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