Eating Khichdi is considered good for health but many people do not like Khichdi that much, so the main thing is that many people simply prepare Khichdi which does not taste good.

But today in this post of telling you how to make the same tasteless Khichdi tasty, I have added the same things which go perfectly with Khichdi, that is, it doubles the taste of Khichdi.

So believe me, you too try making Khichdi in this way once and do tell us in the comment box how you liked my recipe. I am sure you will like this recipe of mine very much.

Eating Khichdi is considered very good for health, one should eat Khichdi once a week.

Khichdi is very simple and many people do not like Khichdi, but if you make it in this way then even those who do not like it will like it very much.

Today I will tell you some tips by which you can make your khichdi very tasty.

Instead of oil, use ghee for sprinkling in khichdi, it will double the taste of khichdi.

To make Khichdi tasty, I will add cabbage, potatoes, green chillies, peas, coriander leaves and beans.

Do not overcook these vegetables, if the vegetables are overcooked then it will thicken the Khichdi and will also spoil the taste of the Khichdi.

First, fry the vegetables lightly and then add them to the khichdi and it will become light.

While serving Khichdi, serve it with curd or pickle because the combination of Khichdi with curd and pickle is perfect.

Khichdi tastes very tasty with papad, hence we will keep papad while serving Khichdi.

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