Knives are used the most in the kitchen, hence the knife should be kept very carefully. If you do not keep the knife carefully, you may get injured while taking out the knife.

Knife is used in everyone’s kitchen because no work can be done without it. This is because the knife is such a tool with the help of whose edge vegetables and fruits are easily cut finely, hence after a time the knife sits on our hand. And then it doesn’t take long for us to cut any item.

Just like any electronic item needs maintenance, similarly a knife also needs maintenance. In such a situation, if you do not take proper care of the knife then it starts getting spoiled.

If you do not keep the knife clean, there will be difficulty in storing it, but some people still do not know how to store the knife, where to keep it and how to keep it.

Today I will tell those people how to use the knife and how to start.

In earlier times, people used to apply oil on knives and keep them wrapped in a towel. By doing so, the knife did not rust and its edge remained sharp for a long time. These tips are still very useful.

It is best to use a knife stand to store knives. Although you will find many types of stands in the market, a better knife stand would be a wooden one.

If you do not have a knife stand and it is not available in the market for any reason, then keep it in a kitchen countertop block or holder, this will keep the blade of the knife sharp and will not get spoiled quickly.

Although the knife can be kept anywhere in the kitchen, it should always be kept in mind that the knife should not be upside down, due to this the sharp part will come downwards and if the cutting edge comes downwards, then not only the edge of the knife remains safe but also There is a fear of cutting your hands, so it would be better if you adopt the above method for storing the knife.

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