As much as stuffed paratha tastes delicious, it is equally difficult to make.

There are many people due to which the stuffed paratha gets torn while rolling.

Many people have also asked us how to roll the stuffed paratha so that it does not tear.

Today I am telling you how to roll stuffed paratha and which trick to adopt.

Due to this your stuffed paratha will not burst at all. A very puffy and tasty paratha will be ready.

When kneading the dough for paratha, knead it slightly wet, this will make it easier while rolling the paratha and it will not tear.

To roll out stuffed paratha, make sure to use flour on the ball of dough, this will also prevent the paratha from bursting.

If you like more stuffing in paratha then spread it while making it by pressing it inside with your hands.

After that, spread the dough more in the shape of puri and then use a rolling pin on it because if you do not spread it and speak directly then the chances of it bursting increases.

 You just have to prepare all the parathas in this manner.

So our stuffed paratha is ready to serve. Share it with your favorite chutney or vegetable.

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