Although we should eat fresh green vegetables every day, it is best for our health, but when there is a problem, we have to find a solution.

We have seen many times that people buy a whole week’s worth of vegetables on a single day, especially in those places where both husband and wife are working or where the market is held on the same day in the week.

But due to not keeping them properly, more than half of the vegetables get spoiled or dry up.

This has happened to me many times before, but then I have tried many methods, out of which I have found the method which I will tell you below to be the best, with I can now store vegetables and fruits for a long time. Yes, these are not bad at all.

If vegetables spoil quickly in your house then you must adopt this, you will like it very much.

By applying paper in the vegetable container of the refrigerator, the water in the vegetables dries up, due to which they last longer. That is why the vegetable should never be kept as it is; the vegetable should always be kept wrapped in a paper towel.

You should always use leafy vegetables first from the fridge because those vegetables spoil quickly.

Keep in mind that after bringing vegetables from the market, you should never wash them before keeping them in the fridge because if you wash and keep the vegetables, they get spoiled quickly. When you are going to use the vegetable, wash it thoroughly only.

Before keeping the vegetables in the fridge, you can use polythene or a vegetable bag. Also, close the polythene in which you are keeping the vegetables in the fridge properly and make a small hole in the bottom of it, this will prevent the vegetables from spoiling for a long time. |

Before keeping the vegetables in the fridge, use newspaper or any paper. If you keep the vegetables covered with paper, they will last longer because the paper absorbs moisture from the vegetables, due to which the vegetables remain fresh for a long time.

Banana gets spoiled very quickly in the freezer. To avoid it getting spoiled, keep it tightly wrapped in plastic from the dental side in the freezer. This will ensure that the banana will not spoil quickly nor will it ripen quickly.

All the vegetables are not only kept dry in the fridge, they are also kept in different ways, like if you have removed the peel of any fruit, then you can keep it inside a container filled with water in the fridge.

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