Nowadays, what should we eat in the summer season, what should we take special care of, and what is beneficial for our body, today I will tell you in complete detail.

People fall ill immediately after eating hot things in summer, hence one has to be very careful about their eating habits in summer.

One should not eat too hot things in summer, especially not for breakfast.

Only cold things should be eaten in summer breakfast.

Therefore, today I will tell you what things you should have in breakfast so that your health will remain good.

So from today onwards you also take care of all these things and see, you will see a lot of difference in yourself.

Consuming oats for breakfast in summer morning is very beneficial for health and it also keeps the stomach full for a long time.

A salad made of fruits and green vegetables is rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals, hence everyone should consume it for breakfast.

To keep yourself hydrated in summer, you should consume coconut water or fruit juice as much as possible.

To give energy and nutrition to the body in summer, watermelon and strawberries can also be included in breakfast.

Moong Dal Chilla is also best for summer breakfast as it is full of nutrition.

You can also make Poha for a light breakfast in summer, it is also a very healthy breakfast.

In summer, one should take a glass of juice with breakfast. This is important for everyone.

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