Nowadays acidity has become such a disease that everyone, from children to old people, is troubled by the havoc of this disease.

In such a situation, which fruit should you eat, today I will tell you through this post, read this post till the end and follow these tips, you will see a lot of difference in acidity.


Calcium, fiber and many other nutrients are found in bananas, hence you can consume bananas on an empty stomach to get rid of acidity.


Kiwi contains a high amount of Vitamin C. Therefore, Kiwi provides relief from stomach and many other problems.


Watermelon contains a lot of water, hence eating it on an empty stomach does not cause acidity.


Strawberry contains fibre, hence strawberry helps a lot with gas problems.


Figs also provide relief in gas problems, hence you can also consume figs in case of acidity.

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